WHY G – Lube?

What sets G – Lube apart


  • Ideal Coefficient of Friction. Independent third party testing of CoF shows G-Lube has amongst the lowest CoF for gauge face lubrication in the industry. Learn More
  • Superior wear reduction is the resulting benefit of the ideal CoF on freight/heavy rail.
  • Superior Tack/Lubricity for less waste at application. Very little sling off; more lubricant gets to where it needs to be instead of on the ground, under carriage soiling, or head of the rail. This equates to cost savings and greater performance.
  • Further carry on rail. Improved efficiencies of application carries G- Lube further on the rail.
  • Clean. Less maintenance and soiling of area.
  • Biodegradability. We back up our claims with transparent SDS sheets. An industry rarity.
  • Built in UV Tracer for verification on rail. Doubles as proof of less under carriage soiling. An industry first.
  • Wide operating temperature range. From – 45oF to + 425oF means no need for seasonal changes
  • Can be used in any environment: From the deserts of the US West to the extreme cold of Northern Canada to the tropical weather of South Florida, G-Lube Lubricants deliver performance.

Network of distribution across North America assures timely delivery without delayed lead times. When you need it, we have it.

Made in USA

G-Lube Rail Specific Lubricants
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