Switch Plate Lubricant

G – Lube Switch Plate Lubricant is a biodegradable lubricant designed for rail switches. Superior wetting and retention. Water proof and long lasting, it is clean, non-staining and non toxic.

Being a synthetic lubricant gives G-Lube many advantages over petroleum based greases. In addition to environmental issues, such as biodegradability, no ground water contamination, etc. G – Lube Switch Plate performs far better. Switches need to be serviced less, corrosion control is improved, switches throw more easily for longer periods of time.

All of this adds up to cost savings.

Ease of application is as simple as spraying it on, and moving on to the next switch.

Because G – Lube doesn’t attract dirt, sand and other contaminants, cleaning of switches is reduced tremendously, also saving labor costs further.

G – Lube

Switch Plate Lubricant Company In Dallas

Switch treated with G- Lube Switch Plate Lubricant after one month. Still well lubricated and clean.


Switch Plate Lubricant Company In Dallas

Switch in same yard treated with previously used competitor product after one month.

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