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Wheel squeal, the bane of every metro’s track department.

How to stop the phone calls? One of the most significant solutions is to lubricate the gauge face to reduce the coefficient of friction to it’s absolute lowest possibilities.

G-Lube Rail Lubricant achieves the lowest Coefficient of Friction in the industry. Independent third party testing of CoF proves G-Lube leads the way for lowest CoF for gauge face lubrication in the industry.

This directly impacts noise reduction, reducing and even eliminating wheel squeal.

Biodegradability. We back up our claims with transparent SDS sheets. An industry rarity.

Wide operating temperature range. – 45oF to + 425oF Operates in extreme conditions. Superior Tack/Lubricity for less waste at application. Very little sling off; more lube gets to where it needs to be instead of on the ground, field side of the track, or head of the rail. This equates to cost savings and greater performance.

As under carriage soiling is a significant issue in Metro systems, with low floor cars, they are susceptible to catching wasted lube that slings off. This makes servicing the cars more difficult, costing more man hours to clean, maintain.

Possibility of OEM warranty voids have been considered when excessive grease from rails accumulates under carriage.

G-Lube Rail Lubricant sticks to the rail and the wheel, where it’s supposed to be, and not on the underside of the cars, or anywhere else.

Built in UV Tracer for black light verification on rail. Doubles as proof of less under carriage soiling. An industry first.

Made in USA.

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